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Thousands of NHS staff and students access the website every month to study our evidence-based illustrated procedure guidelines, and many of them take assessments to gauge their learning progress. 

Now staff in care homes can also benefit from, following the launch of our Care Certificate series and many new procedures and tests specifically for care homes.

While face-to-face training is vital in some subject areas, smaller organisations like care homes will often struggle to allocate staff with enough time off to go on training days. If you're a care home manager, you'll know that you won't always have the resources to bring other staff in to cover those who are taking part in training.

This is where blended learning comes in - if you use online training to cover some topics, you can reduce the amount you spend on face-to-face training, and make your training budget go further. You'll save on staff costs too because your staff can do some training in quiet periods whilst they're still on duty in the home. 

As manager, you can easily access your learning management system on the website and see at a glance who has completed their training. You can then send reminders to anyone who hasn't finished their assessments.

Our Care Certificate materials are excellent, with strong emphasis on patient-centred care throughout. They're full of practical tips to make your care home safe, comfortable and welcoming for your residents and their relatives!

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